What should I do if I cannot update the app?

We have confirmed that some users are unable to update the app through the App Store or Google Play Store. You may not be able to update the app properly even if you transition to the relevant store directly from the app.

Please close all apps including PKCL Twins and try updating the app by searching for PKCL Twins in the relevant app store.

*Since the operation methods and screen display will differ depending on the device, please contact the relevant store or contractor for detailed instructions.

◆ If the app does not launch even after updating to the latest version

・There may be a delay with the server.
・Please note that even if the update page says the app is updated to the latest version, it may still be an older version.

Please try updating the app again after waiting for a while.

◆ For iOS Users

1. Hold the App Store icon on your Home Screen
2. Select Updates from the pop-up menu
3. Scroll down to Available Updates
4. Tap Update All to update all apps or tap Update next to the PKCL Twins app

◆ For Android Users

1. Launch the Google Play Store
2. Search for PKCL Twins
3. Tap Update (only shown if there is an available update)

*For Android devices, updates may not arrive at the same time for all users. If this is the case, please try again after waiting for a while.