I contacted the help desk, but after waiting a day, they haven't responded yet.

Our response may be delayed depending on the status of your inquiry.
If you have not received the response from us after waiting for a while, your email may not be able to receive our email due to email filter setting.
Please check the filter setting of your email again.
*Please note that we may be unable to reply to some questions depending on the selected category and content of your inquiry.

◆Spam Filter Setting

Emails sent from support desk may not reach you due to the spam filter setting or other reasons.
Please make sure your email setting can receive emails from the following domain;
Please contact the corresponding telecommunication company and check how to activate/deactivate the spam filter setting.

After checking the setting of incoming emails and spam filter, please kindly contact us through the "Inquiry form" in the PKCL Twins.
If you are still unable to receive our reply with the email address you entered, please try another email address.
(For example, if you do not receive our reply with the e-mail address issued by the telecommunication company, please contact us again with the e-mail address you use on your computer)

Aside from filters, there are also cases in which the optional anti-spam function is set to reject incoming email.

In this case, please contact us again after reaching out to the corresponding telecommunication company about how to deactivate spam filtering setting and anti-spam function.

*Please include several recipient e-mail addresses such as PC mail address and free email address, in case our reply may still not be able to reach you.