What are Friend Points?


■ What are Friend Points?
Friend Points are points acquired through specific interactions with your friends.

■ How can I view Friend Points?
View Friend Points by tapping Other > Confirm Friend Points on a selected friend's profile.
*You can also check your friend's Friend Points from the "confirm" button in the upper left corner of your friend's profile screen.



The points shown on the following Friend Points screen indicate your friend's Friend Points (i.e. points calculated by specific interactions your friend initiated towards you).
*You may not view your own Friend Points.



■ How can I earn Friend Points?
・Harvest from your friend's Fruits Pot
・leave a Like
・Send your friend Heart Cheers

■ What is the maximum number of Friend Points I can earn per day?
You may earn a maximum of 3 Friend Points per day in relation to each friend. Please note that you will only earn 1 point per day for each of the following interactions, regardless of the number of times you complete them.
・harvest a friend's tree ⇒ 1 point per day
・leave a Like⇒ 1 point per day
・Send your friend Heart Cheers⇒ 1 point per day

■ When are Friend Points updated?
・Point aggregation: Every Monday from 0:00 to every Sunday 23:59 (UTC)
・Point decrease: Monday 0:00 (UTC)