Why can't I purchase paid items?

If you are unable to make purchases due to cancellations or errors, etc., it may be due to the following reasons:

・Age Restrictions
・Payment Information
・Credit card/carrier payment limits and usage restrictions
・Insufficient funds on your iTunes Card/Google Play card
・Billing Amount

■[IOS users]
If you spend a certain amount of money in a short period of time, the following message may be displayed: ""This purchase could not be completed. Please contact the iTunes support desk for further details.""
In this case, you must contact the iTunes support desk to remove the purchase restriction.

■ Please try making your purchase again after closing all running apps and restarting [PKCL Twins].

■ Please check whether you can successfully make purchases on other apps.

*There is no need to make an actual purchase. Simply check the confirmation pop-up that should appear right before a purchase is made.
*The purchase function is running properly if a confirmation pop-up is displayed.

If you are unable to make purchases in other apps as well, your function restrictions or payment information may be the cause of the issue. Please contact your credit card company or mobile carrier company.