How do I confirm email receipts/purchase history [Android]?

If a charge error occurs when purchasing Candy, the following pieces of information will be required in order to conduct an investigation into the issue.

■ Google account you were signed into when you made the Candy purchase (Gmail address)
■ Order Number written on the email receipt or Transaction ID in your Purchase History.

Please make sure you provide both pieces of the above information when you contact us.
Please refer to the following method to check your Order Number and Transfer ID.

◆ Confirm your Order Number from the Email Receipt
An email receipt will be sent to your Google account (Gmail address) from the Google Play store when you make an in-app purchase. The email receipt will include an Order Number. Please make sure to provide the relevant Order Number you would like compensation or a refund for.

Please attach a screenshot of your email receipt or purchase history, as well as provide your Google account (Gmail address) when contacting us.

Your screenshot should display all of the following:
・Order Number or Transfer ID
・Order Date
・Item Name