On prohibited actions

If we detect actions that violate our rules/Terms of Use or actions that are determined to be of malicious intent, we may suspend your account indefinitely without notice.

Please note that we are unable to investigate any problems that may occur outside of the PKCL Twins app or interactions that lead to issues.

On this page, we have detailed some of the problems and prohibited actions that may occur. Please refer to our Terms of Use for all prohibited matters.

◆ Personal Information
Please do not share any of your personal information in the app. Personal information that can be used to identify an individual or privacy-related information are not allowed to be posted in profiles, message boards, gift messages, etc.

Please do not post any content that contains the following information:

・Address, Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, MOOI Wallet Address
・School Name, Company Name, Organization Name
・Credit Card Number, Financial Information, Point Cards
・Email Address, Password, User ID, Login Details, etc.

◆ Inappropriate Actions (Harassment)
Please refrain from actions and behaviors that make other users uncomfortable.

Please refrain from posting any of the following content in the app:

・Hurtful language
・Abusive language
・Language that is rude or offensive to others
・Threatening, violent, or antisocial language
・Language that is considered vulgar
・Sexual or sexually explicit language
・Expressions that suggest a desire to meet or socialize with other users
・Solicitations to join religious activities or organizations
・Posting of another user's ID without their permission

If we detect actions that violate our rules or Terms of Use, we may delete your posts without notice. If your actions are determined to be of malicious intent, we may suspend your account indefinitely without notice.

◆ Prohibition of Impersonation
Please refrain from posting content that may be misinterpreted as being created by an employee/associate of cocone management, a celebrity, or any third party other than yourself.
If you witness any users conducting the above actions, please contact our support team so that we can investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

◆ Transfer, Exchange, and Sales

・Transfer, Exchange, and Sales of Accounts
Transferring, exchanging, or selling your account to any third party is prohibited.

・RMT (Real Money Trading)
Exchanging real money or goods (e.g. gift cards) with items and data from PKCL Twins (including accounts) is prohibited.

*Advertisements and discussions about Jellyme sales in Notes are acceptable.
However, fundamentally item trade should be done using in-app functions.
Cocone is not responsible for any problems after NFT conversion.

We may suspend your account indefinitely without notice due to fraud or criminal activity.

◆ Fraudulent Actions
When using the Gift function, please refrain from committing fraudulent behavior* such as when two users agree to give each other gifts, and one of the users does not fulfill their end of the bargain. We are unable to provide support for the arbitration of issues between users, including for fraudulent activities or the compensation of items.

In addition, we will not be able to provide support for the return of items or the arbitration of issues arising from item exchange-related interactions taking place in other companies' applications, etc.

If you use the Gift function to commit fraud, your account may be suspended indefinitely without notice. If you would like to trade items safely, please use the Trade function instead. The Trade function is for sending items to friends with good intentions.

*Fraudulent action referred to here is the act of blocking or cutting off contact with a user without sending them the promised item or after sending them an item that is different from what was promised.

・A user sends an item that is different from what was promised, but the receiver does not notify the sender/return the item, or cuts of all contact with the sender.
・A user sends an item first, but the other user does not send an item back. They then proceed to delete the post containing item exchange details on Notes and cut off all contact with the other user.
・A user does not send an item because they do not have enough Candy and cuts of all contact with the other user.
・A user says they will send an item at a specific time because they have something to do, but then proceeds to cut of all contact with the other user afterwards.

<Possible origins for the above issues>
・The user made a verbal agreement with someone they did not know well.
・The user was asked to send the gift first, so they did.

◆ Possession of Multiple Accounts
As a general rule, we ask that you use one account per device. Please use separate devices if you would like to create multiple accounts.

*We ask users to manage their own login information.
*If you are unsure about how to log in to your account, please contact the PKCL Twins support desk before creating a new account.